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N. A more powerful definition of fuck, this denotes extreme displeasure or misfortune.
"I locked myself out of my car, and while trying to get in, sliced the shit out of my hand. Double fuck!"
by baronbloodbath July 25, 2008

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A portmanteau of murder and mutilate. Also murder and annihilate.
"You broke my Playstation?! I'm gonna murdilate you!"
by Baronbloodbath October 09, 2013

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Getting destroyed by something very heavy, or by being thrown against something with great force. A combination of splattered, smashed, and crushed.
The splushed remains of the man were unidentifiable after the encounter with a steamroller.

I've splushed my fair share of opponents in Halo 3. Banshee for the win!
by baronbloodbath October 29, 2011

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