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V. The act of discreetly, and intentionally stabbing someone in the lower back or abdomen with a small knife.
"damn, that nigga got shanked"

"Imma shank that mafucka and take his mafuckin wallet"
by barberino June 12, 2005
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An appropriate, yet annoying way of saying "newbie" in reference to someone who is an unexperienced and unskilled gamer. Most often used by people who have nothing better to do than play video or computer games for most of their pathetic lives, and are offended by the overconfidence of unproven new comers. "Noob" is a popular word in gamer language. In some instances, exceptionally bad players may be referred to as "boon" or "nub" (but only in rare, extreme cases)
(after getting killed) "you stupid noob!"
or "Damn, AYOUNG is a fucking NOOB dude"
by barberino June 12, 2005
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