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Someone who is scared of trumping.

A human being that refuses to trump during the day due to public shame or belief that they are not an animal, resulting in a collection of trumps being stored up inside them.

During the night the human being "deflates", passing wind throughout their sleep and the trump collection leaves their body. For this reason the trump collector will never be satisfied with their collection and wake up the next day striving to build up their collection again.
Dave "You know what, I've never heard you trump George..."

George "Thats because I dont!!"

Dave "Ah right, it's you. You're The Trump Collector"
by bagultrait January 01, 2012
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Another name for the chicken hut that is Nandos
Dave "Ah, I'm proper craving something meaty!"

George "Yeah, innit. Wanna hit Scrandos?"

Dave "Yes Scrandos! Lets av 'it"
by bagultrait December 28, 2011
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Another name for the berry treat that is Ribena
During the X-Factor Ad Break

Ben "Anyone fancy a drink?"

Dave "Yeah go on man, Ribenquos me"

Ben "Niiice"
by bagultrait January 01, 2012
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Ring sting caused by an aggressive fart

When you underestimate the power of a trump and it gives you a bite on the way out. After the initial bite, a stinging sensation will remain for a lengthy period of time
"I was walking home from work and felt a trump coming on. Feeling safe I gave it an extra push to help it out. The bugger didn't want to leave and bit me as he left. It's been stinging for over an hour"

"Mate, I just did a proper beer poo and Mr Gas has left me with a serious case of trump bite"

"Have you got any Anusol, I've got trump bite"
by bagultrait December 28, 2011
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