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the combination of a bimbo and a hoe
britney spears is a bimbhoe
by bad man July 13, 2003

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a sexual position, where a man straps a dildo to his fore head ( he being the unicorn ) and inserts it into another mans ass ( the lion )
its your turn to be the unicorn, i will be the lion
by bad man April 02, 2003

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a dark creamy white substance.
I punched her so hard gown came out.
by bad man January 18, 2006

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when you r so gay you can put your dick in your own bum
by Bad Man March 26, 2003

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well thats when you put your legs behind your head and let some body lick your ass
mum, whats a rim jaw
by bad man April 02, 2003

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