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a person who unknowingly (or knowingly) scares all the cool people away, creates awkward situations and poorly attempts small talk. A jimlim cannot, under any circumstances, help himself with food on the table even if he's utterly full and has no respect for the property or personal space of other people. Can also be turned into a verb: jimlimming, jimlimmed.
"Yeah and then that photographer just scarfed all our food down when there was just four of us in the table! He totally jimlimmed."

"Jimlimming belongs in weirdoville. Betty Vanderbilt would have you enroll in her School of Etiquette."

"Don't be such a jimlim you're scaring everyone away."

"I don't want this party to last until late so I planted a couple jimlims."
by azzah May 14, 2010

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