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Sir Rahm, who is a very distinguished gentleman, is a man of many talents. His works have been documented by the official NHD, and he can play many parts. While acting, he puts his all into his character, figuring out their psychology and how they would act. Among other talents, he is a prodigy at many online games, such as Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League. He is currently working on his MultiVersus skills, and religiously practices all of his talents. While some may say that he is a "No-Life Gamer", he is very active in the community. He practices his boxing skills many times, and has been known to be an excellent soccer player, partaking in many matches where he averages 2-3 goals per game. In addition to this, his skills as a defenseman are rivaled by few, and while he may not play as a defenseman, his speed and agility on the field allow him to snatch the ball from enemy defenders to get a quick goal. While shooting, he may fake his shots multiple times in order to analyze the enemy goalkeeper and he can catch them off guard to put another shot into the net. In my final words for this man of a thousand talents, is that he is an excellent human, and someone that is among the many greats of our civilization. He is an idol, someone millions around the world look up to, and the reason we are here today is that we have stood on the shoulders of the giants that carry us. Who is this giant? It is Sir Rahm.
by azh412 August 4, 2022
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