4 definitions by average dumbass

hottest man alive, hentai enjoyer, great music taste
Me: Hi edgy<33
Edgymnerch: Hi dummy
Me: you're cute
Edgy: *flushed*
Me: *heart_eyes*
by average dumbass November 18, 2021
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Angery Cat and me are homies now cuz he is cute cat n stuff.
I do not beg him to accept my friend request
Me: Hi Angery Cat
Angery : Hi Avrgae
Me: We're besties right bro??
Angery: Yea bro we're besties n stuff because we are both very cool
Me: But I have other besties too bro...
Angery: its ok bro, me too
Me: That's cool bro wanna hang out with other cool people?????????????????
Angery: Yes bro let's go because we cool n stuff
by average dumbass November 15, 2021
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Bozo got laid at 15 😂

Epdan more like faggot 🤣
by average dumbass September 28, 2021
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katerina#1345 is an individual who definitely does not have a British accent.
She does not like a 40year old emo lesbian and she definitely doesn't say "meow" from time to time. She will definitely not kiss me on the lips after this...
Me: hi Katerina#1345
Me: ok katerina#1345
Katerina#1345: Emos are hot, I'm definitely not an emo myself

Me: doubt
by average dumbass November 17, 2021
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