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a recepticle of any form for the transport or holding of a (severed) penis.
heh, who would have thought a cooler could also make a handy wang coffin?

yeah, big enough for Greg to use as a wang coffin.

by auxis May 31, 2006
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syn. for coon (coon-a-barabran).
derogatory term for native australian and/or reference to a white caucasian person being like a coon.
they're all barabran's

you fucken barabran!
by auxis June 06, 2006
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noun1. object or person of little or no importance
noun2. object or person that is idiotic or a fool in a some way.
1. looks just like a ballycrates.
2. its the fucken-crates
3. he's got the crates
by auxis May 29, 2006
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