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similar to a vaingina. Except whereas a vaingina is a hot girl who while full of herself is still ok to hang out with. A hot girl who is cuntceited not only is full of herself but also such a bitch that she has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
Nelson: Yo, Dane's ex is such a bitch. She totally lives in a bubble that just revolves around her.

Dave: Can you believe she said she had to lower her standards so much to be with him, and that's why she cheated because she couldn't even recognize herself anymore.

Nelson: I know she's so cuntceited!
by autobot85 March 27, 2010
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a girl or group of girls whose level of conceit or vanity seem to be without measure.
Nuno: Man, look at those girls, they're so full of themselves, they think they're the shit.

Nelson: yeah, I know what a pack of vainginas!
by autobot85 April 10, 2009
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When someone fills their shopping cart with more items than they have money for. Then when they get to the register they keep asking for the subtotal or removing items until the price comes down to whatever money they have. These people tend to have no regard for causing the line to back up a wasting inordinate amounts of time.
Jerry: This Lady is crazy. Her bill was $500. She's already removed enough items to bring it down to $100 and she STILL doesn't have enough money.

Alex: Yeah it's gonna take forever for it to be our turn. I hate when people go shopping a la cart!
by autobot85 August 4, 2010
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