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Newspapers & other media insistently & usually patronizingly telling us things we already know or can work out for ourselves on the basis this information is "good for us"
Mary snorted in disgust at the newspaper article on the correlation between smoking & lung cancer, drinking & cirrhosis of the liver & excess calorie consumption & weight gain. She hated this kind of broccoli journalism.

Mary decided this was a good time to have a cigarette, a chocolate bar & a glass of wine.
by aspwitch May 06, 2010
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When a peaceful outdoor moment is cut short by some idiot singling you out to show off their skills in juggling, unicycling or similar.
Mary was enjoying spending a sunny lunchtime on a park bench, with a book & a sandwich until it was circusized by some moron coming over to her by pulling himself on an invisible string then fishing balls out of his stupid beret and juggling. Mary wished they hadn't sited the performing arts centre so close to the park.
by aspwitch May 04, 2010
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