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the smell a noise makes, every tim you hear something this is caused by friction no matter how small the noise
who cut the cheese uh oh here comes the doaganist
by armin August 26, 2003

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when the reality as you know it exists in reverse
a wind mill "is moved by the wind turns and draws water" but actually it is turned by the water and makes wind
by armin August 26, 2003

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a skate style helmet. originated from the protection used and required for 'g'ravity 'rangers' looking for extreme sports
man we can jump off that but have you got your grangers
by armin August 26, 2003

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Phrase has many meanings. Normally used to describe something of irrelevance or an acceptance of the situation.

Used primarily to cause confusion to the listener.
Person x: "Hey your feet smell of rotten cheese"
Person Y: "It is what it is"


Person A: "I cant believe i failed my Marketing exam"
Person B: "It is what it is"
by Armin April 22, 2006

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