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niko is a very good guy bestfriend. He’s very loyal. He is also a good dancer
person 1: did you see that guy dancing?!
person 2: yea it was niko
by ari!!!! May 01, 2019

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Divine is the most ghetto girl you’ll ever meet. She is very very beautiful. If you have a friend named Divine keep her very close to you. Divine always comes to school high so if she acts crazy in the morning you know why. - her REAL FRIEND Ari:)
person 1: a girl came to school high today
person 2: that was probably Divine
by ari!!!! April 30, 2019

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she’s very beautiful. She’s loyal and will be the best girlfriend ever!! She loves 2000’s rnb. She loves Ariana grande, snoop dogg, ice cube, and lil wayne. She’s also a whole meme on tik tok! She loves to dance!
person 1: did you see that girl on tik tok?
person 2: yes it was ari
by ari!!!! May 20, 2019

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