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Animals who are members of your family.
My dog and cat are my Faminals.
by arbordwell May 18, 2015

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When texting, the feeling from emoji searching, taking too long.
Sometimes I suffer from emoji lag, when my text takes too long to compose, because I can't locate the right emoji. Emoji lag is kind of like jet lag, when text and graphic can't be combined fast enough to not feel out of sync.
by arbordwell May 16, 2015

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ideological space for consideration or discussion, emanating from, or related

to the subject, artifact, or point instance being
investigated, recognized, or valued as possessing attendant properties; scalable towards simple or versatile understanding.
The metasphere of “The Power of Ten” is infinitely complex and astonishingly simple.
Metadata is contained within the metasphere of

considering self-evident phenomenon.
by arbordwell May 15, 2015

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one who studies the effects of nap taking in trees
If you want to know about napping in trees, consult an arboreal napologist.
by arbordwell April 28, 2015

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An Aerographer, choreographs for in-air performance of expressive movement story telling. Think of it as Choreography, minus gravity. choreographs for in-air performance of expressive movement story telling. Generally, using the skill set of an Aerialist and Acrobat, as interpretive dance.
Marisa is a talented Aerographer.
by arbordwell July 20, 2016

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Describing people, who's life experience is influenced through intuition. They value inner, spontaneous feeling, above surface appearances, ...
A pun from The "Inuit" native people of Alaska;
Intuit's generally identify with the Neurodiversity Movement, emerging from the Autism Spectrum Community.
Intuit's are often referred to as "sensitives".
The term "Intuit" is intended to be a bit playful, but at the same time, a meaningful conveyance of one's unique cognitive processing style; predominately influenced, by an immediate felt sense of experience.
I consider myself an Intuit. Feelings or intuition, have a major influence in my decisions.
by arbordwell May 30, 2017

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