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Acronym for "Amateur Sneak Videographer's Sore Arm Syndrome," a new physical ailment that has surfaced with the advent of compact hi-def camcorders. Not expected to be as common as RLS (restless leg syndrome) in the general population, although it is a related problem, and is prevalent with rockoholicz, TMZ-style paparazzi, and other videographers that don't have the benefit of a tripod. More common in the left-handed population because camcorders are generally held by the right hand.
Jack: What's wrong with your arm?

Jill: Man, I have been chasing celebs all weekend, plus went to three rock shows last week. Got it all on video, but I think I will have ASVSAS for the next few days.
by anusood September 28, 2009

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Facebook face time - a definite quantity of time spent communicating with a specific individual or the general universe of Facebook users. Does not connote any level of quality or sincerity, and excessive FBFT can result in perceived obsessive-compulsive FB disorder. The communications are usually in the open (wall posts, tags and comments on pictures or video, etc.), but can also be private chats and one-on-one Facebook messages.
Nah, I don't really care about her, although it may seem that we are good friends because of all the FBFT that we have. Other than the FBFT, we don't really talk much - definitely not a bff!
by anusood July 25, 2009

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Parenting by Facebook, a means of expousing parental guidance by on-line Facebook posts, chats, or other communications.
My college kid kept asking me about healthy food options, and then asked if he could buy a CD on my Facebook wall page. Man, this PBF isn't helping us cut the cord!
by anusood July 19, 2009

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