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1)crazy, cool, insane
2)what one is on a test day
1)man, that trick was sick yo
2)i played sick on my big bio test day
by antislash March 06, 2003

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a bastardized version of "true that" which is a bastardized version of "i agree wholeheartedly"
ghettowannabe: wanna hit the mall
insideoutoreo: tru dat
ghettowannabe: word
by antislash March 09, 2003

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one who is a conformist
see " conformist "
man, look at that conformo!
by antislash March 06, 2003

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1) a lameass who can't think for himself.
2) anyone who's time spent at Starbucks, Limited Too, or the like is equal or greater to their time spent sleeping
3)anyone on TRL
see " conformo "
1) he's such a conformist
2) most girls
3) carson daley, the cocksucker
by antislash March 06, 2003

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one of the premire websites for sex starved college students. a suprising amount of good links and columns for a bunch of no-talent, shitfaced, don't-know-piss-from-peanuts students.
1) I go to www.collegehumor.com everyday, because i like to see the near-porn pictures they post.
2) Nerd One: Hey, n00b!
Nerd Two: Sup, foo'.
Nerd One: Let's go to Collegehumor.com and wank off!
Nerd Two: To the seatbelt contest with boobies?
Nerd One: Of Course.
by AntiSlash August 19, 2004

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