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mexican, and latinoamarican equivalent for cock, the equivalente for penis is pene, verga is much more rude and offensive, verga can be also used as a surprise exclamation generally in a worried manner, verga can also be used to reffer to someone that is exceptionally good at something, or used as a non exitant place where you send somebody kind of like telling someone to go fuck himself or to fuck off
1.mi verga es grande y peluda
my cock(verga) is big and hairy
2. John- mataron a tu perro
John- they killed your dog
3.pedro es una verga en el footbol
pedro is a verga playing football
4. vete a la verga manuel
go fuck yourself manuel.
or in a more similar but senseless way- go to the verga manuel
by anarkopunks!! January 14, 2007
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in mexico, generally used in the punk and alternative scenes as a derogatory name for extremist anarco-punks, generally used to criticize those so called anarco punks that arent really anarchists but ignorants that are just punks for the meyhem, for riots etc..
los pinches tupas querian boycotear el concierto de los casualties en el DF porque segun ellos es una banda capitalista.

the fucking tupas wanted to boycott the casualties gig on mexico city because they claim it is a capitalist band
by anarkopunks!! January 14, 2007
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