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Phrase used by memebers of the armed forces, in the UK, to refer to civilian life in general but especially a career or job which does not involve the armed forces or government.
Oposite of "The Mob" which can mean any1 of the armed forces.
There is a huge differance between civvy street and the mob; in the mob if some1 says they will do something it will usually get done within the next day to 3 weeks, in civvy street they just say it and it means fuck all, especially down south.
by AMX December 06, 2006
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A bluetoothbellend is some1 who uses there bluetooth-headset to show off by talking very louldy into it whilst around others.
Although the devices are very handy for people like taxi drivers, they actually just make you look like a compleate poseur.
Bluetoothbellend: Hello
Your Friend: Huh?
Bluetoothbellend: yeah I should be able to...
Your Friend: I thought he was talking to me then.
You: Nah, just a Bluetoothbellend.
by AMX September 26, 2005
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The most intelligent and inventive race of people on the planet, invented almost everything useful in the world today apart from the CRT , the AC motor and the Helicopter.
If its not a British invention or no Brit had a hand in its invention/conception/use then its not worth having.
The British list, although this is only a small percentage of British Inventions;
Micrometers , DC Motors , Internal Combustion Engines , External Combustion Engines , Computers , The Internet , The Lightbulb , Engineering , Pies , Pasties , Ale , Acurate Newpapers , Darius Turbines , The Jet Engine , The Radial Engine , Proplers (Air and Sea), War Ships , Rifles , Bombs , The Nuclear Reactor , Nuclear Power , The Police Force , The Air Force , Dog Fights , Cock Fighting , Football , Rugby , Hockey , Polo , Polo Mints , Heat Seeking Missiles , Radar , Sonar , Lasar , Lasar Gun Sights , Trains , Hovercraft , Pubs , Fish & Chips , Cotton Cloathing , Peace in Europe (TWICE) , Sterio , Radio , Printers , Typewriters , The Dictionary (admitedly not this one) , Phones , Mobile Phones , Standard Measurments , Barometers , VHS , DVDs , CDs , Cameras , Camera Flashes , Commandos , After Burners , Central Heating , Radiators , Deodorant , Chemical Warfare , Prison , The Aircraft-Carrier and everything to do with it , Torpedos , Submarines , Sea-Side Holidays , Pop-Music and THE Chart , Rock-Music , Motor Bikes , The Driving License , Double Glazing , Vacuum Cleaners , Lifts , Escalators , Machine Guns and The Tank.
by AMX August 22, 2006
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A bitch that fucks Vampire Cats
=o) 8===D
by AMX February 01, 2003
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British military decoration, stands for Order of the British Empire.
It is often awarded to small time politicians and councilors who APPEAR to do alot of work and hence is often said to stand for Other Buggers Efforts.
The Order's motto is "For God and the Empire". It is the most junior of the British orders of chivalry and has more members than any other, probrably for that reason.
Neil Kinock MP has an OBE cuase everyone around him did the work and he just took the credit.
Not that it was any creadit to the country.
by AMX September 08, 2006
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Poetry that you find or write your self for you loved one, NOT that which you hear on daytime T.V. and copy.
A Peice of Valentines Poetry found in a very old book of poetry by various poets.

Your body is my temple,
Your charecter my creed,
I will worship for enternity,
My conviction will never wane,
I love you. - Unknown
by AMX February 09, 2009
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The water holding the internet togeather.
"TV porn is not allowed to show: erections , penitration by; penis , finger , dildo , vibrator or tounge , any form of oral stimulation , masterbation or ejaculation, you know the water holding the internet togeather." - Charlie Brooker
by AMX December 09, 2006
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