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A word used by @jordanknight of NKOTB to drive fans crazy on twitter. While initial tink post may have just been random with no intent to cause calamity, further tinks have resulted in mass responses from fans all wanting to know what tink means. In a recent contest for tickets to see NKOTB in NYC, you were even asked to define tink..as part of your questionare. Video explanation of tink is pending. ;)

Much speculation has been made of the definition of tink including a series of criticizing blogs by Ron Callari on wordpress (he has recently begun to redeem himself to nkotb fans). In his most recent blog regarding tink, he has arranged for proceeds from "tink before you tweet" shirts to go towards breast cancer research, which NKOTB are big supporters of!

My personal take on tink.....I think its a verb...will be updated when its defined by Mr. Knight.
Per @jordanknight twitters

I know its getting old but it just happens. just out of the blue, all of the sudden...................Tink!!!!

it was pointed out to me that Tink! made trending topics........look to your right!

Tink! :)............oh man......I'm late!
by amandahqtpie May 04, 2009
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I cant believe us slackers didnt define this better sooner!

A group of 5 pop singing hotties from Boston who caused mania in pre-teen and teen girls worldwide. They gained popularity in 1988 producing multiple awards, #1's and top 10 hits until disbanding in 1994. After the band split, blockheads (NKOTB fans) were left with empty hearts, and buttons, dolls, shirts, and albums were placed away into their personal time capsule.

Time caplules were opened up in 2008 A reunion tour and album was made. Expected by some, very unexpected by others the NKOTB have been causing mania once again, in their female fans. Fans NKOTB shirts dont fit anymore (Though some try) but years of memories, photos, buttons, cassetes, videos, and emotions have been brought back out.

The band membersare all still delicious looking. They are Jordan Knight, Jon Knight, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, and Donnie Wahlberg.

They have done an amazing job at welcoming the fans back into their lives, and have made alot of effort to meet their fans, something that was just a dream the first go around.

A belated urban welcome back boys!
Lyrics-New Kids on the Block-1986
"Cause once we start to jam, you'll be in a state of shock
Clear the way party people, we're the new kids on the block"
by amandahqtpie May 06, 2009
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The unidentifiable and malodorous contents in the fold of an obese stomach covering the groin area often refered to as a panis. Can range from remote controls, cell phones, small pets, cookie crumbs, the last flight out of denver or even previous lovers. Often moistened by cheezy condiment spread
"Man I would like a bite of that panwich"
by amandahqtpie August 08, 2008
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Initially thought to be a term one of the members of NKOTB used to taunt fans and drive them crazy with wonder. His twitters posted multiple tinks each time causing thousands of replies on guesses of what tink was.

He has finally given explanation!

TINK The imaginary sound Jordan Knight hears from his eyes when he wakes up. Much like a cartoon sound I imagine.

Finally we can sleep at night now that we have the answer hehe
@jordanknight says
Tink! is the imaginary sound of my eyelids springing open when I wake up.................TINK!
by amandahqtpie May 06, 2009
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