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A really nice milkshake in a cartin.
by Alex B July 20, 2003

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Politically Correct Retard;

Anyone who tells you you're homophobic when you call something/someone gay.

Most of the time these days the words 'gay, fag, and queer' aren't even directed at homosexuals anymore. Hell, I call anyone who pisses me off a fag and so does everyone else. Get over it. People say fag, queer, gay and homo all the time so don't get you're panties in a knot when you hear it. I have no problem with homosexuals and a lot of people who say 'fag' don't.
Me: Damn, that stupid gay was being such a gay, why did he kick us out?
Friend: Probably because he's a gay little queer homo.
Me: - bunch of fags.

Some PCR: You homophobes! I bet you're secretly gay yourselves. How dare you say such words!? I'm calling the police!
by alex B August 11, 2004

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