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The man who fell to earth
David Bowie one of if not the only artist who can claim to have contributed greatly to the musical scene of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's
by Alex B January 15, 2005

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An expression used to convey the instinctive reaction to a stimulus, be it a physical object or an abstract thought.

The nature of the reaction conveyed can be discerned from a combination of the context in which the 'oh man' was delivered and the intonation with which the 'oh man' was delivered.
Oh man...
Oh man?
Oh man, what IS that thing?
I just look took one look at her bearded face and thought 'oh man'.
by alex b April 01, 2004

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"The Don Killuminati"
Makavelli will someday reveal himself
by Alex B January 31, 2005

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A brazilian soccer player with amazing dribbling skill, arguably the best player on the planet, appearance similar to a horse or mule.
Whoa, Ronaldhino is really ugly
by alex b June 12, 2006

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While wiping your ass your finger pokes through the paper and into your Rusty Sheriffs Badge.
I had a Poke Through and got some rust under my fingernail.
by Alex B May 14, 2003

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Penis/Vagina; possibly found on hermaphrodites but don't take my word, ask.
me: Damn that girl last night was great except for the part when I found out she had a penagina.
uncle: gross.
by alex B August 11, 2004

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Is there no good word for limey!
"Them limeys are alright they are"
by Alex B July 20, 2003

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