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a really really really good show
undergrads is a show the main character is named parker(nitz) walsh
by alana September 08, 2003

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Horrible; if something is inadequett;ugly
yo that girl should put a bag on her head her face is BUNZ
by ALANA November 09, 2003

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1. Eating Wendy's for Dave Thomas. RIP

I created this after Dave Thomas died about two years ago. Also, does anyone remember when wendy's use to have salad bars? where did they go?
Hey let's go get some fries & do it for dave.
by Alana July 07, 2004

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A 40/60 situation is a situation like a 50/50, in which there is an ALMOST equal chance of one thing or the other happening, but the chances are leaning more toward the slightly-more-likely "60" possibility.
Yeah, whether he'll give us a ride or not is kind of a 40/60. It doesn't look real good.
by Alana June 15, 2006

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A wimp; a coward; a pussy. Created by my father, Bob C.
"I don't want to go hide from cars," says little Sally.
"Quit being a wimperton," Bobby replied impatiently.
by Alana April 10, 2004

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Noun. Some one who is considered a "poopy head" and makes unecessary comments
Alex is a poopdy when he is stoned.
by Alana December 22, 2004

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can be used as a term of endearment or to address a Catholic school girl
shayla: hey fuckpot
alana: aww u sexy whore i love u!
by Alana December 02, 2004

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