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Tattoo artist, specializing in traditional Japanese tattoos, star of 'Miami Ink',

'Worldwide Tribe',& 'NY Ink'. And most importantly, ridiculously sexy & fantasized by many women. Has the whole badass look & can kick someone's ass, yet be sensitive & responsible at the same time. Older brother of the impossibly sexy Natan Shai James, undiscovered musician & creative director of his clothing line. Was a sniper in the Israeli army (probably looked damn hot in that uniform),the father of 2 girls, & has a wife named Jordan (a.k.a. the luckiest damn woman on planet Earth). Arch rival & enemy of tattoo artist Chris Torres.
"Did you see the episode of NY Ink where Ami James fought Chris Torres & filpped him over & pinned him down?"

'yes, I was imagining him doing that to me in bed the whole time & had to stop & go masturbate'

"LOL,that was so funny on Miami Ink when as a joke Ami James chased his snake-phobic apprentice yogi w/a snake a client bought in,then jokingly told him to get on his knees & say 'master, stop!'

'Damn.....I would LOVE it if Ami James chased me & told me to get on my knees & call him Master!'
by akPhilly February 17, 2013
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Usually can be identified by skinny jeans, Tom's shoes, the 'ironic' t-shirt, thick rimmed glasses....They deny being hipsters of course, insisting that they 'don't believe in labels'. They insist on eating organic food, yet they all smoke (the approved hipster brands of cigarettes being Camel Lights, Parliament Lights, & if they're really extra pretentious, then American spirits). They claim to be very open minded & non-judgemental, yet only seem to date, hang out with, befriend, or associate with people that dress like them,like the same music, talk the same, walk the same, etc. They all like to pretend they have some kind of talent when it comes to art, & enjoy watching 'films' instead of movies (the more artsy-fartsy & less sense it makes, the better). They even all eat the same foods. Look in any hipsters basket next time you're at the store,& it'll always be greek yougart, hummus (or supplies to make hummus),some kind of organic, vegan snack that costs a zillion dollars a box, tastes like crap, yet they claim they 'can't live without!', & then some kind of 'ironic' cereal, like capt'n crunch or something like that.
Hipster #1-"I'll take a PBR"
Hipster #2-"I found the BEST brand of organic, cruelty-free, vegan turnip chips at Whole Foods-omg, I CRAVE those things!"
Hipster #3-"They're just too mainstream now-I liked them when no one else even knew about them"
by akPhilly March 17, 2013
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Younger brother of tattoo artist & reality TV star Ami James,& is equally sexy as his big brother. A musician, has probably the sexiest voice of any male singer alive, yet isn't famous for some reason. Very musically talented & versitile, has recorded songs on Youtube that include covers of popular songs, as well as his own original material ranging anywhere from rock, pop, hip hop, dubstep, among other things. Also goes under the name Achillion Grizzly on Youtube. He is the creative director of Ami James Ink. Already said this but is worth mentioning again, SERIOUSLY has a sexy voice. Like really sexy, like if you don't have to change your panties after hearing him sing, there's something wrong with you. Full name is Natan Shai James. Shai means 'gift' in Hebrew, which is so fitting if you've ever seen any videos of him singing shirtless.
"OMG, apparently Ami has a little brother named Shai James that's just as hot as him! Jesus Christ,there's two of them!"

"Why the hell isn't Shai James famous? History & common sense tells us that hot guy+guitar+sexy voice=a no fail combo."

In 2010, congress passed a law that stated that it was illegal for Shai James & his brother Ami to walk down the street together, as it is clearly a health hazard to women-both of them together is just clearly too much sexiness at one time for the human female to handle & leads to fainting due to acute sexiness overload
by akPhilly February 17, 2013
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