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Question asked by viewer when something offensive, fugly, unpleasant, or in any other way unwanted appears on television without any of the usual program warnings
* Kevin Rudd appears on the news *

Dude: Where's the warning?
by aiselgi November 18, 2009
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To dive on the ground and generally carry on like you've been molested by an 800-pound gorilla in order to get a free kick, preferably five yards out straight in front (a "skill" exemplified in Australian Rules football by St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt)
"Their full forward chucked a Riewoldt at the start of the third quarter and now we're a goal down!"
by aiselgi October 01, 2009
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To be hit with emails from your boss from the other side of the world when he's supposed to be on holiday
Dude 1: "Jesus H, that's the fourth email he's sent me today"

Dude 2: "Yeah, I know, everyone's getting them, he's got China Syndrome again"
by aiselgi September 29, 2009
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