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An online trailer park where people share their most banal thoughts as if they were deeply insightful gems, tend imaginary farms and gardens, embarrassing relatives share humiliating sexual and/or drunken stories with everyone you know and your buddy shares Deep Thoughts about life after his/her last shallow relationship failed.
Facebook is to social interaction what Cro-magnons are to Homo Sapiens. Imagine being trapped in a chat room with all of your family, friends and co-workers. Forever.
by afrowolf April 27, 2010

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TheDutchJesus. Recognizable by his flaming red clogs, leopard print bikini briefs, tube socks, ski goggles and blue football helmet. May be heard issuing a hearty "Hoi hoi hoi!" As the Dutch are so limited for space, he fills several roles, acting as a tooth fairy, Santa Claus and patron saint of hydroponic grow-ops.
"Oma! Oma! Djeez took my teeth last night! I got a bunch of Maasdammer cheese under my pillow!"
by afrowolf January 27, 2009

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Robot fuel: the black sludge that powers your average robot through interminable hours of binary drudgery. Over-frequent use will cause system failure.
by afrowolf November 02, 2010

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