10 definition by abragag

1. To have sex with a person of young age
2. To have sex with someone and feel as though they were of young age, e.g inexperienced or shy
3. To have your pubes gets stuck in a girls mouth contraption and therefore get bad oral sex.
- So how was it last night with that chick you left with?
- Totally a braces job man, she was a virgin
I'm gonna do that little filly tonight, I don't care if its a braces job.
- My young cousin keeps giving me the braces job eye all the time, I might just go for it
- You're sick man, shes 17
- She's hawt!
by abragag December 03, 2008

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Someone with such large male endowment that he fills up his girl to the rim.
Girl, that Dane is such a rimmer, i couldn't walk straight for a week.
by abragag December 02, 2008

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1. Getting fucked by someone with a really large male member

2. Being bested by other party.
1. Honey, he rimmed me all night, no wonder I was late for school.

2. The Joneses rimmed those guys good. Two guys had their kneecaps broken, 4 broken noses and three broken arms. Peppi's Pizza Place got rimmed too, glass everywhere.
by abragag December 02, 2008

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