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NOT as many people think simply not having a government and hierachy, but a PEACEFUL HARMOIOUS state where people are educated to think for themselves.
Most people see this as unworkable because they don't see the second half. Afghanistan, for example is not properly anarchic, as warlords etc still fight to control land. If only they could see how much happier we'd all be if we got along and took time to understand each other....
Basically most common sense is supported by anarchism : Free thought, listening to other people's opinions, pacifism, lack of oppression etc
by a man April 26, 2005
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to be pro at a game
he is an andypro
by a man September 4, 2019
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This is an ancient word of the greeks and a word shared by the romans. It was commonly used for describing flaming homosexuals, that would practice thing including but not limited to, beastiality, necrophelia, pedophilia. This was all done with young men.

In the modern time, the definition has not changed much. But it is used as a name by parents who don't like their children.

Other forms: Intellidiot, Intellpenisless, intel
I am going to name my child Intelliot because he is an ass, and i hate him.

Wow, that man is sick, he is a complete intelliot.
by a man February 26, 2005
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the number you call (in the uk anyway) for the talking clock that goes on and on...
At the third stroke the time sponsered by accurist will be....
by a man March 28, 2005
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He’s secretly a drug dealer when he says I’m going home he’s actually selling and won’t let people in his man bag he probably where’s Adidas or Nike and sleeps all the time
Friend: let’s go shops
Conour Kelly: nah I’m going home

Then he goes to sell
by a man February 23, 2020
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The male opposite of a cock tease. These men will do anyting to get you off, but when you want to fuck them, they'll say no with some lame excuse about being married or something.
"I met the hottest guy last night at the club! We've been dancing and flirting all night and when I was so wet that I wanted him right there and then, he told me he had to go home to his wife"

"What a cunt teaser"
by a man March 8, 2005
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