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most people understand that high school relationships do not go anywhere, so when someone thinks they love someone in school, sensible people rational that you've only fallen in "like" with that person, a lesser degree of love.
Nick: But she's... so beautiful... i can't get over her, she's amazing...
Kevin: Dude, get over it.
Nick: No, don't worry, this is what I call to fall in like with someone.
Kevin: Wow... did he just say...
by A Breed of Sushi February 04, 2008

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When you are doing Calculus function problems and obviously there's something else on the
Rick: "What the heck would f(x) equal? I hate fucktions!"
Esteban: "Hahahahaha... nice"
Ms. Rod: "What kind of problems are you guys doing?"
Evan: "That, my friends, is called a Freudian slip... haha."
by A Breed of Sushi January 25, 2009

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A take on the common MexiRican name, Raul, except this Raul is foolish. Can be substituted for Racruel, if the Raul is very, very cruel, or Racool, if the Raul is alright.
Tebebe: "Shut up, Rafool. I've had enough of your shenanigans."
Raul: "Oh my god, Teb."
by A Breed of Sushi January 22, 2009

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Adj, - A word to describe someones whose actions are that of a douche or douchebag.
Rick: "Can I see your iPhone? I wanna play a song, cuz everyone is bored of Creed..."
Hernan: "NO!"
Rick: "Wow... Alright. You don't have to act so doucheous..."
by A Breed of Sushi January 25, 2009

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to preform a well known jingle incorrectly whether it be in the wrong tune or with the improper lyrics OR an incorrectly preformed jingle altogether
Bobby jargled the McDonald's i'm lovin it song.
Jen hardly picked up on my accidental jargle.
by A Breed of Sushi January 10, 2008

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A sigh of relief, perhaps said slowly while one is releaving one's self in a water closet.
Rob: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay yambanza......"
Bob: "Dude are you OK?"
Rob: "You bet your bottom I am, I'm quite relieved!!"
by A Breed of Sushi January 22, 2009

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A suffix that originates from the word residue. Any sloppy noun can be placed before it to mean residue of that noun, most commonly in reference to food.
Jules sits, muching on a bar of delectable chocolate.
Bill: "Hey Jules, you've got some chocolate-sidue on your face."
Jules: "Oh thank you for noticing, I'll wipe that right off."

Nick: "Dyl! You have to use a coaster! You got lemonade-sidue on my desk... Ugh..."
Dyl: "Saawy..."
by A Breed of Sushi January 25, 2009

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