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An amazing sex move in which a man puts ice on his girl's asshole. The man later gets a fake crown and gets a bag full of water and puts it on the fridge. Once frozen, the man will put the frozen ice on the girl's stomach (lying down bed) and then pins her.
Girl (with ahegao face): OH YES FREEZE ME NOTKINGHILL
by _yeet.god_ November 8, 2018
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robloxboy is one of the realist Roblox niggas out there. Niggas who don't appreciate his work will die and burnin hell.
robloxboy on Instagram is one of the realist niggas out there.
by _yeet.god_ November 9, 2018
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We know this sex move! Pour that full bottle of Vaseline up her asshole until she screams her social. Then get another bottle and lube it dick to legs. STICK IT UP HER ASS!
Dude: Greasy Butthole this bitch!

Girl: (Screams social and every asian she fucked)

Prostitute: They don't call it "Wonder Jelly" for nothin!
by _yeet.god_ October 23, 2018
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Really, one of the greatest founding fathers that are still alive. They say that when God is not looking, Poods is always. Some say that even Jesus committed suicide because of his fear of Poods. In one clap Poods can make galaxies burst ino flames. Poods.Is.Daddy is his full name and must always be respected and loved.
Guy 1: Bro I just talked to poods.is.daddy and he told me he wanted to clap

Guy 2: *dies*
by _yeet.god_ March 3, 2019
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