3 definitions by _thememeprophet_

(n). One who steals another's chromosomes to bring about autism, down syndrome, etc.
Look out, there's a chromosome thief coming towards us!
by _thememeprophet_ February 27, 2017
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(v): an insult, usually interchangeable for the word fuck. Can also be synonymous for telling someone/something that they suck
Evan: "Hey guys can you please let me into the studio?"

Everyone: "No, Evan. Ack you."
by _thememeprophet_ April 01, 2020
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a description most commonly given to memes when they are deemed to be dank.
Arthur: Well, Dutch, do you like my meme?

Dutch: Arthur, your meme is kek.
by _thememeprophet_ April 01, 2020
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