Having views that differ from brainwashed mainstream opinion.
#1: Did you already hear? Google has fired that engineer who argued there might be biological differences between men and women.

#2: Well, that's what happens when you indulge in wrongthink.
by _red_pilled_ August 30, 2017
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Any word or phrase that detests or goes against the current mainstream leftist narrative. Any idea that the left or the liberal media says is bad, for the only reason that it goes against their worldview.
Feminist: Your hate facts are seriously triggering!

Normal man: Hey, you're femsplaining.
Feminist: Rape!! Rape!! He's Raping me with his Wrongthink!!
*cops arrest the normal man and he's convicted, because in current year 2019, you're guilty until proven innocent, and even with proof, it doesn't matter because feminist woman feelings hurt*
by Hymnphomaniac May 29, 2019
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