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Really a two-fold effect. When a 17 year old high school senior football player decides to commit to any other school in the nation, even if he holds a scholarship offer from Miami it is because...

A) Miami didnt want him
B) He is afraid of competition
When 5* DB Patrick Johnson/Peterson decided to commit to LSU instead of DA U, even though he was originally commited to DA U and from south FL......Miami didnt want him
by _it aint e_z January 27, 2009
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Meltdown In Progress
MDIP 101

Classix MDIP

thunderbird1100 wrote:
I've had it with these refs. Marcus Thornton got RAN INTO...then lost the ball after getting mugged by Hillmnan, then Spencer doens't even touch him on a layup and Spencer got the foul...fucking horrid refs..ive had it with this fucking bullshit...
by _it aint e_z January 11, 2009
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- Delusional Cane Homer Syndrome -

DCHS is a state of mind achieved by several "die hard" fans of the university of miami football program, a dedicated belief that the 'canes still have "tha Swagger"

Holding on to the greatness that once WAS the University of Miami football program where several non-alumnis truly believe that Miami is still the program to beat, despite having posted recent records of 7-6, 5-7, 7-6

Goes hand in hand with Miami didnt want him
DCHS by yeyo

PJ tried to comeback with Shannon after he verbally committed to LSU. Randy told him to eat a dick. and the rest is history.

DCHS by IbisRules

Miami has Florida right where they want them.... I am the laughing at your ruination, and will do so for a long time....................

by _it aint e_z January 30, 2009
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Beyond ruined on a message board
supremepizza wrote:
I'm a good looking guy who can talk to girls when I'm in my element

mcneezy wrote:
I nailed her, basically...

Sean_Bateman wrote:
tEB lewks da best in,,,,,Ernge and white

supremepizza wrote:
by _it aint e_z March 01, 2009
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