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Essentially the opposite of an "OTP"
While "OTP" describes one's ultimate favourite pairing. "NOtp" describes one's least favourite pairing.
A fairly popular term in the shipping community.

Unlike, OTP - which is an acronym for "one true pairing", NOtp, simply plays with the fact that "O" sounds like "No". The "N" does not stand for anything.
Sarah : Ew... she's like 17, and he's like 40. And he spends the entire series trying to kill her! How can people even ship this? This is my NOtp for sure.
by Zombunnies August 27, 2013

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An unsatisfying finale. Riddled with plot-holes, dei ex machina (plural of deus ex machina), and various other writing blunders. The name is a portmanteau from the words "fail" and "finale".
Normally stemming from either a premature cancellation, or writers writing their way into a corner.
What makes a finale a "failnale" is completely subjective, and is a decision up to each person to make. However, there are times when the writing is so blatantly bad, only the most hardcore of fans would defend it.

Note : While it mainly refers to television programs it is also applicable to, books, video games, comics, and basically any form of entertainment that eventually ends.
Rachel : "So during the finale there was an ancient and powerful being, who just happens to show up to give the main guy a brand new power RIGHT when he needed it."
Steven : "That was total garbage! They didn't even foreshadow something as big as that. It just showed up out of nowhere! And did you see what they did to the villain?"
Rachel : "Are you talking about the convenient and sudden mental breakdown? It was only there so the good guys could easily win. What a cop-out"
Steven : "Yeah, it was a total failnale!"
by Zombunnies January 10, 2013

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(Tripping at the finish line. Trip at the finish line)

An idiom describing a situation where one does great at a subject, until near the end.

Note : To stay true to the meaning, the mistake has to have a great detrimental effect their overall performance.
Jake : Wow, Samantha is an amazing student! She has perfect attendance, she always seems to have the right answers, she turns in her homework everyday, and she aces all of the quizzes.

Tammy : Yeah, but didn't you hear? She completely failed the finals. She totally tripped at the finish line!
by Zombunnies October 05, 2014

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