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Requires some preparation:

The act of restraining your partner with fuzzy white handcuffs and slipping a frozen dildo into her ass. The resulting roar of icy anger is what gives the act it's name.
I have never seen anything more angry than your mom after the Dirty Polar Bear.
by Zmann966 September 09, 2011

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When you're about to get head from your lady friend, shave in preparation and keep a handful of your pubes. Then, pull out unexpectedly and skizz on her face, throwing the handful of pubes at her so they stick to her now-gooey face.
The fuzzy glare you recieve is a sign that you now have an Angry Ewok.
(Helps especially if she's a midget.)
Dude, I pulled an Angry Ewok last night!
Man you're such a Star Wars nerd.
Yeah, apparently your mom isn't.
Wait wha?...
by Zmann966 October 23, 2010

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When, after having sex with an Asian girl, you go outside for bong hits and eat cake.
Ohh yeah, had an Oriental Slumber Party last night with the girl from the Asian deli over on fifth.
What type of cake did you get?
by Zmann966 August 13, 2018

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