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The act of urinating inside of a man or woman's anus shortly after completion of anal sex. It is so named because a #1 is taken on top of a #2 and the resulting mess is extremely smelly and sticky. As this is one of the most horrible things one human being can do to an other it is almost always accompanied with a subsequent break up.
Did you hit that bitch in the shit?

Yeah, and I gave her the old one two stinkaroo then dumped her.
by Zithers November 16, 2009
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Adjective. A person is attractive enough to warrant printing out a copy of their picture, masturbating to it, and in spraying it with ejaculate stain the image beyond all recognition. In rare cases the individual being stained may be so stainable that the ruined pictures are gathered, proffesionally bound, and kept for sunday afternoon parousing.
Oh my god, check out the snoods on that bitch over there.

Jesus christ, she's stainable!
by Zithers November 19, 2009
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A blow job performed by a toothless man/woman, often a person of advanced age who removes their dentures to provide access to the gums. This is also known as a gum job or gummer.
Your grandma gave me a gummy hummy!
by Zithers November 15, 2009
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The involuntary release of semen and possibly some combination of feces and blood into undergarments from the vagina or anus via a queef or fart. Almost always an extremely worn out and loose orafice is partly to blame for the juicing. The individual who has juiced themselves is left to deal with a sticky, sloppy, smelly mess and is probably a whore for letting someone give them a creampie or mudpie.
Q: What the fuck is that smell?

A: Aw, shit that bitch is juicing herself!


Q: Mommy, where are there so many pinkish, crusty stains on your panties?

A: Because I'm a whore and I juiced myself.
by Zithers November 18, 2009
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