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Zariel- pronounced- "Zah-ree-el"
The origin of 'Zariel' is Ancient Egypt.

1. The meaning of 'Zariel' is "go down the hilland".

This word can be expressed as a relaxed, suprised and agressive.

2. The origin of this word is from Ancient Greece. Aristotle was the creator of 'Zariel'. The meaning of 'Zariel' is "Fucken poosniffer". if said with a hard R in the word Zariel. the
1. " Oi Zariel"

2. "You love Zariel "
by Zestypoopoo February 23, 2021

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Pronunciation- DI-CK-AW-OLA-GEE
The origin of this word is from 'Ancient Greece'.

The meaning of 'Dickology' is the study of the "body count" women have. Women usually keep a journal of their 'Dickology'.
Jennifer- "Hi doctor Mike I think I have a STD"
Dr Mike- "Well ok Jennifer, do you think I can check your Dickology"
by Zestypoopoo February 24, 2021

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