3 definitions by Zel1

Drinking alcoholic beverages on a boat dock.
Too windy to take the boat out, to warm to stay home. Anyone Droncking at the marina tonight?
by Zel1 June 14, 2019
The Z-factor is the ratio between a womans narrowest spot on her waist, vs her widest spots on her buttocks and upper torso. The higher the Z-factor, typically, the hotter the woman. A perfect Z-factor will resemble this ")(".
Check out the Z-factor on that broad! She could be in a Sir-Mix-Alot video!
by Zel1 January 8, 2021
Ape Cunt is very similar to Ape Shit, however the key difference is pertains to a female. Specifically, an angry, infuriated, livid bitch.
Joe: "Hey, you talk to Rich?"
Tim: "nah, not since his wife caught him at the strip club. She went all Ape Cunt on his ass!"
by Zel1 January 8, 2015