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Very large breasts.

Big round booobiesss!
Jessica has some big cha cha's.

Justin wanted to see Jessica's cha cha's!
by Zebra#1 March 28, 2008

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When no matter what the problem maybe, you just keep on trooping to get a man excited or to keep going until, finally, after hours of getting humped you nut off.
Erika IS the 4 hour power house.

S: wow that was great!
E: uh! we're not finished (so she proceeds to help him get it up)
S: i'm really sorry this never happened to me before.
E: yea i'm sure. Your a waste of time. (Storms off, pissed)
E: Behold the power of a sweed (what she's thinking)
by Zebra#1 March 27, 2008

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the equivalent of a one minute man but pertains to a woman.

a women who can cum in 10 minutes or less and consideres 20 minutes long sex.

Stephanie says that after being with a one-minute man for so many years, she has learned to get off within 10 minutes.

A 10 minute hoe is the opposite of the 4 hour power house.
by Zebra#1 March 27, 2008

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