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A close minded individual who ignorantly stereotypes all armenians as armo or rabiz without realizing that it's equivelant to calling all African Americans "niggers", all Mexians "chunts", etc.

Is either a racist or has simply had a bad experience with a rabiz and is too lazy to think for a few seconds and realize every tree has its bad apples.

Is jealous for one reason or another.
This guy in my class is such an armo hater, he's never even talked to me and told his friends that i smell!
by Zareh November 9, 2005
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The man single handedly responsible for the downfall of the most influential metal band in history, Metallica.
"And Justice For All... was Metallica's last great album. Black Album was not a Masterpiece, it only began the downward spiral. All thanks to a douchebag Bob Rock who tried to Market them and gear their minds towards money, not music."
by Zareh February 15, 2007
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Is often confused with pothead, but is actually one who chooses to toke the ganj, but still remains in harmony with their life without giving in to its apathy inducing effects.

ie. isnt at home all day playing video games and eating chips ie. has a job/goes to school/both
ie. isn't a pothead
Herbalizer 1:

How did finals week go?

Herbalizer 2:

It's final over man. Time to relax a little.
by Zareh November 15, 2005
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An LA based band whose music once possessed a unique and original blend of armenian and metal influences with deep political subject matter.

But now (November 2005) has abandonned their raw sounding roots towards more melodic/pop vocal directions due to the lead guitarists (Daron Malakian) change in musical taste, although still holding true to their original political lyrical content.

SOAD fan 1 : The New Album Rocks!! System of a Down Rules!! So do Deftones and Mars Volta!! Yea!!

Soad fan 2 : What the hell are you talking about, the first album was the best. They sounded like Slayer, now they sound like everything else on the radio.

Soad fan 3 : You're both whack. Just shut up and enjoy the music.
by Zareh November 15, 2005
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