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Cheap, non-name-brand shoes. Usually purchased at Walmart and made in China.
Carl's parents were on welfare, therefore he had no choice but to wear buddies to school and endure the ridicule of his peers.

Song lyrics: 'Buddies...they make my feet feel fine, Buddies...they cost a dollar-ninety-nine!'
by Zambizzi December 28, 2007
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Similar to waterboarding, but not necessarily in the context of torture, depending on the temperature of the coffee.

Usually the mochaboardee will lay flat on the floor while he or someone else pours a steady stream of coffee over the recipient's face and into the mouth. This practice is particularly effective for making it to work on time after a night of heavy drinking.
Sid: "Dude, I'm so obnoxiously hung over...what a party last night, eh?"

Roger: "No doubt, I had to have Glenda put me through a mochaboarding session this morning, just to make it here on time..."
by zambizzi January 03, 2008
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