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Fruit Stripe Gum;
A gum with painted on stripes, with exuberant flavoe, for about five seconds. After you experience the initial taste, you have to spit it out and get another piece. FSG is also quite notorious for its wrapper wich have a tattoo on them, featuring a zebra by the name of Yipes, doing various sport activities.
Dave: Yo ZDUB!! me and will were just chewing some FSG!!


Dave: Yeah! but we went through a whole pack in like one minute.
by Zac Archer January 31, 2009

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When you realize you still have to poo, after you've already flushed.
My mom always tells me I'm wasting water when i flush twice, but i cant help the late dookie.
by zac archer October 12, 2008

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To drop a deuce, or to poop.
I had to brawl with the bowl really hard after all those nachos.
by zac archer July 10, 2008

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To carry out a conversation via a myspace comment; Usually while already talking to that same person on AIM.
Dude, i was comment talking with megan last, and she said she'd totally do me, and that was at the same time we were instant messaging!
by zac archer October 07, 2008

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A raggy of Winsted who is too lazy to say, who lives in winsted, from winsted, or of winsted. There is much controversy in this small town over over if you are a Winstedian, or a Winstenite.
Only Winstedians can be true raggies.
by zac archer January 01, 2008

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A bitch; refers to when some yanks on your pocket, they are your bitch.
Matt is such a pocket yank, he told me to fuck off.
by zac archer February 15, 2009

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