6 definitions by Za hando

A Beautiful woman (Bird) who either is in band or choir (song)
Wow your girlfriend is a Songbird!
by Za hando October 20, 2023
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The ability to cuck someone of using their abilities and not give a fuck about how they work.Also makes you the god of a gay Ultra Vampire.
by Za hando April 27, 2020
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Oi Josuke I used za hando to scrape away my will to live

Oi Josuke I used the Hando to Cock and ball torture now isn’t that crazy
Oi josuke I used za hando to get rid of any evidence that I exist now the government can’t tax me but why does it smell like anthrax

Oi Josuke I used za hando to jack off and accidentally erased my Cock and ball now isn’t that crazy
by Za hando January 11, 2021
Pandora’s Milk Carton is when you put an entire school lunch in a full carton of school skim choccy milk it is extremely disgusting
My Friend made Pandora’s Milk Carton in the School Cafeteria, it was so disgusting.
by Za hando May 19, 2021
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If you were born in November you don’t have to participate in no nut November and you have no negative repercussions
Person 1: Hey are you be participating in no nut November
Person 2: nah I got November’s birthday gift
Person 1: lucky bastard
by Za hando November 7, 2021
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