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An entrepreneur who creates more and more wealth because of his un-quenching desire to serve more and more people. The concept uses our best in terms of our competitive, capitalistic and spiritual tendencies.
Rumi is a real compassioneur; he gives 51% of his earnings to charitable causes
by Yusuf Wazirzada September 18, 2017
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The old expression "sky is the limit" is outdated. It was true when there were no planes, rockets or space travel. Today the sky is certainly not the limit.
Inspiring a friend/child; Dave you can accomplish what you set your mind to; the sky is not the limit!
by Yusuf Wazirzada April 16, 2018
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So much of our current social and political discourse is based on proving the other wrong i.e. winning the argument. We don't demonstrate enough empathy to understand where the "other" is coming from and the merits of their point. A black and white world is a construct of our own imagination and our desire to imprint our views on to others. It ignores the beauty that the synthesis or fusion of diverse ideas enables.
John had made a life out of proving people wrong. He took pride in being able to argue against any position and win. He was a talk show host. One night when he was grilling a guest who was making a point around having improved gun controls in place. John, barely let she finish her sentences, was adversarial and was not listening. At the end of the segment the guest said; "John, do you want to win the argument, or make a difference".
by Yusuf Wazirzada May 07, 2019
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A sophisticated and superlative form of "on fleek". A composite of on fleek and the french magnifique.
Looking at David's jacket...magnifleeque!
by Yusuf Wazirzada September 29, 2015
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