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A frozen treat enjoyed by young people who live in New Orleans and surrounding areas. There are various recipes for this concoction. Makers will sometimes use frozen fruit juices, Kool-Aid, snow cone/ball syrup or a combination of these items. Sometimes made at home, but often sold in unlicensed neighborhood stores (out pookie nem mama window).

In other areas this treat is sometimes called a frozen cup.
Glo is selling huck-a-bucks for 50 cents each.

I like to flip my huck-a-buck upside down and scoop it with a spoon.

Huck-a-bucks are the perfect treat for a hot summer day.
by YuneIsta February 02, 2010
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1. Slang for a small town in Mississippi called Picayune.

2. To act tough or bad as referenced to in the song by the Back Yard Boyz, a small time rap group.
I'm going to visit my parents in the Yune this weekend.

If your girlfriend doesn't do what you say get Yune wit it.
by YuneIsta February 02, 2010
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