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OG is a straight up gangsta from the Grove (compton), and he writes whack rhymes yo, he'll come up in the place with a gun in ya face, I believe he is made to represent whack rappers such as Ja Rule, Nelly, J-Kwon, and other soft ass pussy bitches who think they're hard
"Don't make me come in the place, wit a gun in my waist, OG! OG!"

"Gun on my waist, I'll punch you in the face"


"That ain't GANGSTA"
by Your father January 14, 2005

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DA means district attorney. The relevance of this and urban terminology is it's connection with punishment for crimes. If you get caught by the 'Po (police for yall) selling drugs or whatnot, you will probably have to deal with a District Attorney. District Attorneys only practice law in district courts (imagine that). If you murder someone or get caught with enough coke to make a state, or even worse, a federal case, you won't be dealing with a DA, you'll be fucking with a whole new ballpark of lawyers and attorneys.
My homie Broham is in and out of court for possesion of narcotics and unlawful carrying of a concealed weapon. So, me and big 'Maal are about to show that fuckin DA how my strap works.
by Your Father January 23, 2005

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John Gotti was the last of a breed of mobsters or gangsters (not gangstas). Hailing from New York, Gotti was infamous for always beating the court system, many crimes of his were unpunished. He had taken out alot of garbage in his time, if you know what I mean. The world will never see another John Gotti, and he still has an influence on the world today. But with ridiculous shows like Growing Up Gotti, and a whack wannabe thug named Irv Gotti, the media will only tarnish his name.
John Gotti started as a truck robber, and look at the ranks he reached in the crime world. There will never be another criminal of his caliber, or as respectable as him.
by Your Father February 07, 2005

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Referrence to vintage jerseys, usually of basketball persuasion. A jersey with a past design, no longer being worn by the team. Another important factor is to make sure the athlete who's name adorns your throw back, was playing for the team at the time the throw back jersey was actually worn on the court.
Little Mickey was shot twice by ghetto thugs for his throw back.
by your father August 26, 2003

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A fo five is a .45 caliber handgun. This could be anything from a Colt 1911A1 to a newer Smith and Wesson third generation pistol. A fo five is a pretty big ass bullet, that you don't want no parts of (unless you're not on the recieving end).
That fool ain't stand a chance against that fo five. Left some pretty nasty holes in em.
by Your Father February 05, 2005

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A growing city in Western Maryland. Surrounded by hick towns (Hancock, Williamsport, Boonsboro) but it is the metropolitan area of Western Maryland. H-Town is highly underrated by bored teenagers who can't find anything to do. Also, Hagerstown only has 10.7 square miles to it's name, but over 37,000 residents living there.
I believe you should be proud of where you live, and that's why I'm proud to be from Hagerstown, Maryland.
by Your Father February 07, 2005

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A sad event
Your penis is so tragic!
by Your father July 12, 2003

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