31 definition by You want to know who wrote this that badly?

A definition by somebody who ISN'T Vietnamese! (by someone who goes to a school that is roughly 40 percent vietnamese) :O

Hey, guess what? People are people! Yeah, I know, it's such a hard concept to grasp! Really, out of all of the race pages on this website, this has to be the most conceited I have seen. I mean, come on, I've heard of pride, but "a special breed of beings"? That's just a superiority complex, right there.
For the past two years, I've gone to a school populated mostly with Vietnamese kids, and I can easily tell you that while yes, there are a lot of "quiet, hard working individuals" there, there are also a lot of kids who would rather talk all period while playing 13. Just like any other race (just change the name of the card game)
So please, as a message to anyone who is going to post some biased opinion about their race here, because they think somebody cares, please don't. Just get over yourselves. You're really not that great.
It isn't even just on the "vietnamese" page (this just has to be some of the worst) To everyone who is reading this, and thinking of making a page devoted to their two percent Indian or something:
Stop acting so damn superior. All you're doing is making yourselves, and your race (as it is seen on this website, anyway,) look ridiculous, and if anything else, it makes you look like an ignorant fool.

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for a bunch of "fans" you could all at least spell the band name right. See Green Day, not Greenday.
Also, a green day is when you do nothing but sit around and smoke weed. It is also the (mispelled) name of a great band, that has been around since teh eighties.
Its green day, not greenday.

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To add to these several definitions that are all stating the same thing...

While it is known that many "trendy" bisexual's only do it to fit in, not much is known about the "average" (lol, irony?) trendy bi group.

Usually consisting of "angst ridden" teens between the ages of 13 and 18, they've, for the most part, died their hair black and resemble your stereotypical goth. Most of them will believe that being in this group, being "bi" makes them different; original, even.

However, the hypocrisy here is so thick that it can be cut with a knife.
The real hypocrisy comes in the form of the name. "trendy." To become bi was, for these people, a way to fit in with the "cool" kids. Of course, these people would rather die before calling themselves "cool." That would only defeat the purpose. Instead, the group as a whole calls themselves anything else. Typically outsiders, or loners, when really their "bi" clique (which, at this point, no longer accepts new "bi" people) has amassed numbers resembling a small night club. What was once a small group of trendy posers in denial becomes a club of them, and nobody wants that.

It especially sucks when one of your friends goes "bi," but instead of still being your friend joins the "bi" kids and all but ditches you.

Of course, while this might not apply to all groups (read: yours) it is certainly true for the vast majority. And if you happen to be in one and think it isn't true, ask yourself: When was the last time you saw a new face in your group? If you can't remember, then congratulations! You've become a trendy clique, you stupid hypocritical bastard.

And don't try getting new members just to prove me wrong. That just makes you worse. Bitch.
Just attempting to expand a bit on this definition of "trendy bisexual."

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An organization is milpitas high school that leads students into believing that they will learn how to use flash, and windows movie maker if they join.

While this is true, students will not learn the "cool" stuff until their second and third year. What happens in the first year, you ask? Students learn how to use the basic microsoft office tools, while their friends, who didn't join DBA, take a digital art class, and learn the advanced things before the digital business kids do.

If you join the DBA, you will be with the same teachers up until your senior year, unless you take AP classes. However, the DBA cannot seem to keep a math teacher. It's like math teachers are to DBA as Defense against the dark arts teachers are to hogwarts. Not very consistent. The math teachers also tend to be new, and don't always have their lesson plan together right away. If you were to join the DBA, I would advise getting into a different math class, right away, unless the teacher has been there for a year already.
But what about the friends that you can gain by having up to four classes a day with them, You ask?

Well, while this may be well and good, in your second year, chances are you'll just be seperated from your friends anyway. You'll still have the same teacher (unless your friend leaves the DBA, or takes an AP class), but you might have him/her for fourth period, while your friend has the teacher for third.

In senior year, students leave their academy english class, and go to a different one. Up to half of the history class will be dumped into another one, and your basic computer class will be replaced by a digital art (FINALLY) class. Keep in mind that this is your senior year, and a lot of students join the DBA because they want to use photoshop, flash, or they just want to design. (in other words, if that's what you want, just take a digital art class sophomore year, and use the rest of high school to perfect your technique)

Besides academics, the DBA also features mentors, adults in the workforce who volunteer to spend time with the students and take them on college tours, or to their office. There are also activities, field trips, and college tours offered. In order to pay for this, there are cookie dough sales. This is where the academy makes the most money as far as fund raising goes. However, the cookie dough fund raising (as well as other fund raising activities at this school) are notorious for not deliviering goods or products, and causing refunds, and headache, as well as unhappy customers.

In short, join the DBA, only if you're willing to sit through a year of learning microsoft office, followed by more microsoft office until your senior year, where you'll be split up from your friends, and (FINALLY) tossed into a digital art class.
This isn't to say that the digital business academy is ALL bad though. Colleges apparentlly like it on your record, the MS office skills will help you if you work in a cubicle for the rest of your life, and mentors can provide a very interesting experience. Plus, having the same teachers for three years can be rewarding...somehow...

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Toilets that, instead of using around 6 liters of water per flush, use about 2 or 3 liters per flush (lpf). This can result in even the smallest, softest piece of shit clogging the entire toilet, which can then result in unwanted calls for the plumber, and having to buy a jumbo toilet plunger to take care of your problem once and for all.

Generally, it's a very bad toilet. But hey, at least hippy Bob can stop bitching about people wasting water on one flush, even though now the average person must flush three times as much on a low flow toilet to get anything to go down.
Remember when toilets could flush your dead goldfish down? Low flow toilets can't do that...

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Californication means when Western civilization has an effect on another state (or country). This isn't only limited to California. They mean all WESTERN states. Besides, all the smart Californians know that this state isn't just a beach, or one city (Hollywood)
Does anyone posting here even live in California? Jeez, live here, then insult us.

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A Korean woman whose dog defecated on a subway train. When asked by passengers to clean up after her dog, the woman refused. When she was given a tissue by a passenger, she used it to clean her dog.

A member of the secret society of the internet took her picture and placed it on several Korean web sites. The woman was soon identified, and her personal information, posted.

News of this woman, now called dog poop girl, spread like wildfire, all the way to the west. This woman even got her own article on wikipedia. Bitch.

Anyway, when basically the whole internet world (as well as some Korean news stations, who broadcasted special stories about her) found out about her, public humiliation drove dog poop girl to drop out of college. Dog poop girl was harassed and forced to endure death threats, among other, unlogged things.

Truly a lesson that, when dealing with social affairs, you should always be wary of the internet police. We will get you. We will find you. We cannot be stopped.
"did you hear about that dog poop girl?"
"lol, yeah. What a bitch. Just clean up the damn poop."

(in Korea)

"(korean) did you hear about that dog poop girl?"
"(also in korean) lol, yeah. What a bitch. Just clean up the damn poop"

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