4 definitions by Yoguy

When a thurston fucks a baddie with a fatteie so good she squirts all a gallon on water all over him
He gave me that nice fuck I had to give him a thurston burstin
by Yoguy February 9, 2018
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a place where you can get quite possibly the greasiest chicken. Run by white trash
Excuse me, wheres the colonel?What wrong wit you? I say you he dead
by Yoguy June 20, 2004
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When chef shmoyle cooks inside your girls pussy then beats the fuck out of her boy friend then spludges all over her face
Chef shmoyle cooked inside my pussy last night just like an oven
by Yoguy February 8, 2018
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When randy throws u in the back of his 80 then gives u the pounding of your life
The 80s ugly but I still got a randy special
by Yoguy February 9, 2018
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