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Rubbish, crap, a bad deal, a rip off
That sandwich was goose.
What did you get for the car? £950. Goose nowhere near the asking then. (for sale for £1500)
How was the circus? crap Goose.
What did you think to the pizza? Goose.
by Yesyoucangoto August 16, 2015

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to over touch shared food. to maul food that other people might want to eat as well
Please stop gruddling the olives Peter.
That garlic bread has been well gruddled!
I don't fancy eating them after she's been gruddling them.
by Yesyoucangoto August 16, 2015

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A fart that smells like a combination of dog food and a really smelly heavy fart, particularly after eating something you don't normally eat.
Jeezus that dog fart's awesome!
Yeah think it was the fish paste sarnies at the reception. . .

If you dogfart like that again I'm going to puke
Sorry, how do ya think I feel having to sit in it?!
by Yesyoucangoto March 19, 2016

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Any place that is a bit of a shithole. This can be someone's abode, a small area eg block of flats or a region.
What was her flat like when you got there?
Grimsville I didn't want to sit down it was so filthy!

So it's either a flat in Redland or you could get a 4 bedroomed house in Grimsville

How long did you live in Grimsville Brisbane for?
by Yesyoucangoto March 19, 2016

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Any result from a transaction that was disappointing.

Not getting what you wanted or expected from something.
What did you get for the Beemer in the end?

£3 large
Nowhere near the asking then! (Car on sale for £4500)

What was she like on the blowjobs?
Nowhere near the asking - about 6/10
Goose then!

I'm going nowhere near the asking on those Glasto tickets I'd sooner watch it on telly!
by Yesyoucangoto March 16, 2016

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