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The feeling after sex, usually right after you cum. The feelings of jizz-kill include: regret, self-esteem issues, awkwardness. Also jizz-kill explains why you aren't attracted to the person anymore after sex.
Bill- Hey how was Sheena the other night?
Matt- Not to good. The jizz-kill was pretty bad. As soon as we got done having sex, I almost cried.
by yeha_brother August 12, 2008

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Includes feeling regretful,and outlandishly weird after a sexual encounter. Usually on one night stands. Most notably, you are not attracted to the person afterwards.

Bob -"Hey Dude...did you fuck her?"

Joe -"Awe shit man, it was a Jizz-Kill Theory."

Joe - "After I got done, I felt like I wanted to hang myself."

Bob - "YES! I warned you about the Jizz-Kill Theory"
by Yeha_Brother August 30, 2008

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Fictional car part used in context to fool people who think they know a shit-load about cars. The object is to get the shit-talker to admit if he/she has ever heard of the "Bob-Rod". Usually takes 2 participants for the joke.
tyler-"God, I hate changing Bob-rods, such a bitch."

Rmack-"yeah, I know."

Miles(joke intended for)-"what's a Bob-rod, I've never heard of that and I've worked on cars all my life."

Tyler-"You never heard of a Bob-rod before?"


Tyler-"Are you serious?! YOu've never heard of a Bob-rod?!"

Miles-"Well...I think I've heard of something like that before....."
by yeha_brother July 21, 2008

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