3 definitions by YTR76

1. A video that doesn't even have a point.
2. A video that is a waste of time.
3. A video that is no use.
Person 1: Let's watch that video, it looks cool!
Person 2: No you idiot, that's a pointless video!
by YTR76 October 8, 2021
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A speech synthesis program similar to 15.ai that can make fictional characters and real life people say whatever you want by clicking the "Speak" button.
vo.codes is not a ripoff of 15.ai, it's just a website similar to it, except without the random sample sentence choosing. You have to type a sentence out, click "Speak" and boom! There's your audio!
by YTR76 October 6, 2021
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Another speech synthesis program similar to vo.codes and 15.ai, except with more characters than vo.codes and 15.ai.
While the only irony is that you have to make an account first to synthesize speech, uberduck.ai is still good!
by YTR76 October 8, 2021
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