6 definitions by YCTS1999

A nubber the tail end of a cigarette butt...
Hey can I have the nubber of your butt !
by YCTS1999 December 2, 2020
Nitro is the nic name for a Hot Man who was born in Edmonton Alberta ,and still resides there today He is a Nitro in terms of his inner personality .....but on the outside he is shy.
Wow that guy was a Nitro
by YCTS1999 December 2, 2020
Someone who's primary residence is New York city and thinks their shit doesn't stink.
When Jack piped up with his unwarranted comment on the

subject it was very clear his(New York Attitude " ).
had taken over before his brain kicked in .
by YCTS1999 March 16, 2016
Nitromanic decribes someone who is on fire most of the time....youll see smoke coming from thier ears and asshole mostly.
Andy was his usual self last night he was going on and on until smoke started bellowing out his ass .....hence Nitromanic was at it again.
by YCTS1999 October 10, 2016
JJK ....are the initials of a Available

Professional Peeping Tom ..
Yes the story must be told in order for him to keep his rating of #1 he is truely outstanding in his field .
Hell he is outstanding most of the time and it doesnt even have to be in field .
Shirley called all her friends Saturday afternoon she was sure she saw JJK outside her window ......again.
by YCTS1999 February 4, 2017
Kyky is a nic name for a most handsome young man , he's is so awesome his parents wished he was twins,
There goes Kyky ..did you know his parents call him that because they wish he was born a twin,hence the nic name Kyky !
by YCTS1999 July 24, 2017